Flooring, decking and furniture made from hard bamboo

By gluing strips of bamboo together, bamboo wood is manufactured in either a broad strip (horizontal) format or in a narrow strip (vertical) format. The resulting bamboo wood can be further processed to produce flooring and panels which can be used for cladding and in furniture coverings and furniture production. Products, which are manufactured from this type of bamboo wood, show typical bamboo characteristics, such as bamboo strips and knots.

The strand woven bamboo processing method results in products for flooring, panels and decking, which are an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood products. Strand woven bamboo feels like wood, is just as versatile but also better priced.

Bambus Parkett Massiv boden

One of the hardest parquet floorings

When selecting wood for parquet flooring, the question is always asked whether the flooring would be sufficiently resistant to dents and scratches. Particularly for rental and commercial properties and homes with children and pets, there is a demand for a floor with good durability and resistance to wear and tear.

The European wood types commonly used in flooring are not particularly wear resistant and therefore there is a tendency to choose tropical hardwoods. That however raises concerns about sustainability and destruction of tropical forests. Now there is an alternative in the form of strand woven bamboo. Flooring made of strand woven bamboo is harder than most wood types and additionally offers the benefits of renewability and cost efficiency.

Bambus Parkett Massiv boden

The Janka hardness test: hardwood vs strand woven bamboo - shows that HDG-Bamboo is one of the toughest ever parquet flooring.

Parquet that is really long-lasting and durable

Strand woven bamboo products are durable and long lasting. With qualities of extreme hardness and stability, they stand out from most of the European hardwoods and conventional bamboo laminates. Strand woven bamboo flooring is easy to install and maintain. The Janka- or Brinell Hardness data indicate that strand woven bamboo displays exceptional hardness.

Available in solid or multi-layer formats

Bambus Parkett Massiv bodenFaserbambus Farben

Strand woven bamboo flooring (also referred to as pressed bamboo, solid, bamboo, compressed bamboo, fiber bamboo, compressed bamboo flooring) is available either in solid country house style long boards or with a multi-layer prefinished 2-layer or 3-layer construction.

High density bamboo flooring, offers homeowners the benefit of a robust and durable parquet floor that is attractive and resistant to scratches and damage caused by children, animals and everyday objects.

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Reiter Architekten


3-Ply strand woven bamboo in colour Natural


3-Ply strand woven bamboo in colour Coffee

Low energy house

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Panels, slats and beams

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