Bamboo flooring - Ideal for the energy efficient passive house

Bambus Parkett für Minergie Haus

The concept of the low-energy passive house has now become reality. A passive house combines the advantages of low energy usage together with more comfort and lower heating costs, making an active contribution to climate protection. An economical and durable bamboo flooring contributes to both sustainability and energy efficiency of the Passive House, providing an elegant and natural appearance.

Passive house construction is characterized by:

  • Particularly good thermal insulation
  • Thermally insulated window frames with triple thermal glazing
  • Construction free of thermal loss
  • Airticght construction
  • Comfort ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery

The key advantages are:

  • High living quality
  • Year-round fresh air in all rooms
  • Problem free physical construction
  • Extremely low heating costs - even with rising energy prices
  • Radical environmental improvement

Bamboo flooring offers:

  • Noble appearance with attractive patterns and colors
  • Sustainability: The raw material bamboo renews itself in five, a normal hardwood in 60 years.
  • Harder than most hardwood floors with high resistance to dents and dings
  • Good value for money compared to traditional hardwood floors.
  • Low emissions that meet the EU standards


Photo: Reiter Architekten


Photo: Reiter Architekten

Solid track record

Since 2006 ChemAxis Lifestyle has specialised in supplying HDG-Bamboo products in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. The products we supply are all in accordance with relevant European standards.

Passive low energy house in Dresden-Plauen: The flooring option was 3-ply strand woven bamboo in colours natural and coffee.


Photo: Reiter Architekten


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ChemAxis has specialized on the supply of bamboo flooring, including hard strand woven bamboo flooring products, since 2006. Please send us your queries about products and supply for Switzerland, Germany, Austria and neighbouring countries by web form, E-mail or telephonically at +41 41 377 4075.