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Bamboo for durable floors, terraces and furniture

Bamboo is the plant with the fastest rate of growth on Earth and thus a rapidly renewable resource. This tropical giant grass has established itself around the globe and now in the world of architecture. In addition to its aesthetics and ecology, there are several more reasons to choose bamboo: no other natural material has more elasticity, hardness and strength combined with exceptionally low weight. There are many ways to use bamboo in design and functional applications. Those who opt for a bamboo product acts responsibly and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Bamboo wood

Bamboo wood is made by glueing together of finely cut strips of bamboo either in a wide-slat format or in an upright lamella format. The resulting bamboo wood is then further processed to produce floors and panels for wall cladding and for furniture manufacture. Products made from this type of bamboo wood display typical bamboo characteristics such as stripes and nodes.

Bambus Parkett Massiv boden

Photo: Reiter Architekten

Alternatively, fine bamboo strips can be compressed into very massive, heavy and hard beams. This material, which is known as Bamboo fibre or compressed bamboo, provides exceptionally hard flooring, wall cladding and decking products which are extremely robust and durable. This type of bamboo wood has the appearance of a traditional elegant wood.

Bamboo flooring – anti-allergic - ecological - robust!

Bambus Parkett Massiv bodenFoto: Reiter Architekten

The flooring in your home or your workplace is an area with which you come in daily contact. Bamboo flooring is an attractive, high-quality alternative to hardwoods which are increasingly becoming limited in global supply. HDG-Bamboo flooring is produced from mature five-year bamboo canes which are cut into thin strips and then dried in the air and in the oven. Through a process of carbonisation and steam-pressure, the desired colour can be obtained for a visually appealing look. This together with the parquet’s durability gives a feeling of warmth and security.

Why HDG-Bamboo?

  • High-performance alternative to endangered imported tropical hardwoods
  • Appearance and surface texture like hardwood flooring but with superior properties
  • Environmentally friendly - bamboo is quickly renewable (5 years) compared with wood (60+ years)
  • Harder and more robust than most hardwoods
  • Suitable for residential and commercial buildings with high foot traffic conditions
  • Indoor air – HDG-Bamboo is free of allergens and CFC – especially suitable for highly-efficient new builds
  • Competitively priced compared with hardwood flooring

Many years of experience

ChemAxis Lifestyle has specialised in supplying bamboo products in Switzerland and neighbouring countries since 2006.


3-ply HDG-Bamboo flooring in colour natural


3-ply HDG-Bamboo flooring in colour Coffee

Passivhaus in Dresden-Plauen: Parkettboden verlegt mit HDG-Faserbambus 3-Schicht Landhausdielen in Farben Natur und Coffee


Foto: Reiter Architekten


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ChemAxis has specialized on the supply of bamboo flooring, including hard strand woven bamboo flooring products, since 2006. Please send us your queries about products and supply for Switzerland, Germany, Austria and neighbouring countries by web form, E-mail or telephonically at +41 41 377 4075.